Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics


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Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Staat: Boek bevat arceringen

Auteur: Roger Perman, Ma Yue
Uitgever: Pearson Education
Co-auteur: Micheal S. Common, James Mcgilvray, David Maddison
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780321417534
  • Druk: 4th edition
  • juli 2011
  • 744 pagina’s


Now in its fourth edition, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, provides comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the major areas of natural resource and environmental economics.All chapters have been fully updated in light of new developments and changes in the subject, and provide a balance of theory, applications and examples to give a rigorous grounding in the economic analysis of the resource and environmental issues that are increasingly prominent policy concerns.This text is suitable for second and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics.


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