Microbiology (Incl. Bol.com bijdrage)

Microbiology (Incl. Bol.com bijdrage)


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Auteur: Gerard J. Tortora, Berdell R. Funke
Uitgever: Pearson Education Limited
Co-auteur: Christine Case
  • Engels
  • Druk: 12th
  • 9781292099149
  • juni 2015
  • Paperback
  • 960 pagina’s


Master Microbiology where it matters. Everywhere. An engaging and clear approach to learning complex microbiology topics and theory Praised for its exceptionally clear presentation of complex topics, this #1-selling text for microbiology non-majors provides a careful balance of concepts and applications, proven art that teaches and the most robust, dynamic media in MasteringMicrobiology. The Twelfth Edition ofTortora, Funke, and Case’s Microbiology: An Introduction focuses on big picture concepts and themes in microbiology, encouraging students to visualize and synthesize tough topics such as microbial metabolism, immunology, and microbial genetics. The text and accompanying resources also help students make connections between microbiology theory and disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. MasteringMicrobiology is not included. Students, if MasteringMicrobiology is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN. MasteringMicrobiology should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.


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