Export planning

Export planning


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Export planning

Auteur: Joris Leeman
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9789043035705
  • Druk: 2
  • juli 2017
  • 279 pagina’s


When a company initiates export development and internationalisation, it is essential to follow a systematic strategy formulation and decisionmaking process. Export Planning provides a methodology to plan and achieve globalisation. This process of export planning consists of four phases: export policy, export audit, export plan, and export roll-out. Export Planning describes these 4 phases and provides a 10-step guide for the construction of an international marketing plan. Export Planning will enable readers to: * systematically select and plan entries into new international markets; * enhance the chances of success through an integrated review of analysis and strategy by means of marketing, logistics, organization and fi nance; * assemble a sound line of reasoning from strategy to implementation. Export Planning is a practical book. It describes export and international marketing at a strategic, tactical and operational level, and combines theoretic models with relevant practical experience. New to this second edition is an additional chapter on the implementation of the export transaction. This book is intended for bachelor and graduate students at business schools and universities. This book is also useful for anyone who wants to know more about export planning, international marketing and international market development.


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