Economics and Business environment

Economics and Business environment


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Economics and Business environment

Auteur: W. Hulleman, A.J. Marijs
Co-auteur: A.J. Marijs
  • Nederlands
  • Paperback
  • 9789001889432
  • Druk: 5
  • augustus 2018


– Special focus on the European situation;
– students learn how to analyse financial data and assess risks;
– hands-on approach, with lots of cases and exercises.
Economics and Business environment teaches students how to analyse the financial aspects of the economic business environment. The focus is on businesses in an European context. Students will learn how competition, the business cycle and the exchange rate affect returns. Clear diagrams and graphs illustrate the causal relationships between economic factors. Furthermore, the book contains a lot of examples, exercises, summaries and a list of key concepts. The answers to the questions are to be found in the back of the book. Economics and Business environment is the English edition of Algemene economie en bedrijfsomgeving.
The fifth edition is completely updated and contains the newest developments concerning currency (markets), protectionism, interest rate policy, the world economy and the European Union.
Economics and Business environment is suitable for all students in higher education who will be taking up managerial positions within businesses or public service.


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